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Posted on Nov 1st 2018 under Business Tips

Upping your game is vital to your success and these brilliant tools can get you firing on all cylinders

With the ever-expanding world of technology generating productivity tools exponentially, the phrase 'There's an app for that' is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Log onto the app store for whatever mobile device you use, browse to the productivity section and you will see a growing list of tools that you can download to make your mobile experience as productive as your in-office time.

For the hyper-competitive livery business, the need for a business that is both agile and streamlined is a key goal for success. With over 30 years of industry experience, DriveProfit understands this better than anybody. This is why we have created a suite of productivity tools to meet the unique demands that livery operators face. Allow us to introduce REACT, RESERVE, RELATE and REVIEW.

REACT will help to streamline your quote systems, offering ease of use simultaneously for clients, reservation agents and operators. Your clients will love the ability to simply submit their request online, receiving immediate notification that their request has been received and is being worked on. Your reservation agents will appreciate this tool for the very same reasons. They will receive a notification of a new quote request which they can then claim, quote and follow-up all through one streamlined system.

Additionally, your operators will appreciate the fact that this tool frees up the team from manning the phones so that they can elegantly tailor quotes to each client's unique needs, all with access to a multitude of fully customizable quote templates. More importantly, REACT allows you to view real-time analytics to see team performance and closing rates, information that you can use to make changes to your processes to increase win percentage.

RESERVE is the tool your clients and reservations team will come to love like no other. Designed for maximum ease-of-use, clients can easily input all reservation details at the click of a button. Through their own unique account, your clients can log in and view existing reservations, cancel reservations, print receipts and manager their personal profile. These very same features will put smiles on the faces of your reservation agents as they will receive alerts for every new reservation, which they can then easily open and verify the details quickly. This frees them from constant phone line monitoring to focus on quotes, managing schedules and building relationships. The outcome you will love drastically cut reservation times and more bookings being made!

RELATE is the ultimate Customer Retention Management (CRM) tool for your growing business. One contained system to help you

  • define, nurture and manage leads
  • create sales funnels
  • manage email campaigns
  • build quality relationships with both prospects and existing customers

The Custom Campaign Reporting feature will become the best weapon in your arsenal of tools to grow your business. Additionally, the content management feature will allow you to quickly create e-mail marketing campaigns. The increase in your productivity will provide you with a sustained burst of confidence in your efforts.

REVIEW is one tool that will make managing your social media efforts so simple you will wonder how you ever got along without it. This control center for your social media marketing activities provides you with a snapshot of how your business is performing on each of the platforms you are on so that you can see where your efforts are generating the most success. Simultaneously, you will be able to make adjustments on those platforms where you are under-performing, putting you in a better position to succeed in the necessary social media marketing arena.

Ready to be more productive? Looking to take that next big step and take greater control of the markets you are targeting. If the answer to both of those questions are yes, DriveProfit is here to help.

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