Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Working Together - SEO, PPC and Social Media

Almost anyone who owns a website knows they need to concern themselves with search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and pay-per-click advertising. What you may not know is how to prioritize them and use them together.  You may not even know what the different terms mean.

You are not alone.  While you might be great at running a business or providing a specific service, most business owners are not experts at the technical stuff used on the internet to grow your business.  That’s what Drive Profit is all about.  We help you grow your website and in turn, grow your business.  Chances are, you don’t have enough time to learn the ins and outs of internet marketing.  Here are a few things we want you to keep in mind…

Organic Search Engine Optimization is the Key To Success of an Internet Marketing Plan

Organic search engine optimization is so important to internet marketing that a lot of business owners and executives think the two terms mean the same thing. When you have a high ranking on Google for a targeted set of terms or phrases, you're virtually guaranteed to have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of potential buyers coming to your website. The best part is this: They are arrive at the exact moment when they're in the market for whatever it is you sell or the service you provide.

Additionally, good SEO becomes more efficient over time. That means you spend less and less to maintain that top search engine position while the results just keep getting better and better.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Generates Quick Responses and Trial Campaigns Easy

Pay-per-click advertising makes a nice supplement to organic search engine optimization. It can be hard for some business owners to rationalize paying for clicks when they know that can get them free.  But, PPC works more quickly, and lets you test out new ideas, campaigns, and marketing messages in a matter of hours instead of weeks or months.

These advantages are important for couple of reasons. First, if you need to generate traffic right away and don't want to wait for organic SEO to kick in, paid search ads can be a great option for you. You get to set the budget you are comfortable with.  Also, they can help analyze conversions to sales and allow you to see results over a fixed period of time before you make a bigger investment in a larger campaign that might last for months.

Social Media is About Brand Awareness and Building Relationships

A lot of marketers get confused about the role social media such as Facebook and Instagram should play in the marketing mix. Social Media has a lot of possible uses, but its best use is for building brand awareness and one-on-one relationships as opposed to creating sales.  That’s not to say sales can’t be attributed to a social media campaign.

The reason is simple: Most people will use a search engine to find products or vendors at the time they are shopping.  Most Facebook and Instagram users are having fun, sharing ideas, and seeing what's new but not necessarily shopping while using the social media platform. So, you while you might be able to grab their attention with something that is of interest to them, it is unlikely they would stop to make a purchase.

However, it does make sense to engage them with catchy images, behind-the-scenes stories, and even jokes or personal opinions. By doing this, you create a relationship with them and a familiarity so when they do want or need what you offer, they think of you first.

A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that either SEO, PPC, or social media is the ultimate solution to finding new business. In reality, it's the way they work together that yields big results for you.

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Posted on Jun 08 2017

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Guest Blog Post — Jim Luff from Chosen Payments | Working Together - SEO, PPC and Social Media



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