You Can Improve Your Limousine Company's Search Engine Ranking

While it's true that word of mouth and traditional offline print content play a big role in the success or failure of your limousine business, you should never underestimate the power and importance of simply ranking higher in limousine search engine results. 

Search engine giant Google keeps its proprietary algorithms and formulas that dictate where businesses will appear when consumers make inquiries under wraps. However, you can take steps to improve your limousine firm's search engine rankings and rise above your local rivals.

Selecting the right keywords will make a big difference in helping customers find you, noted a recent article at About Tech. Put yourself in the mindset of people who want to arrange for limousine service in your area or niche market. 

What words would they typically type in? Do they need "airport service limousine (name of city)"? Perhaps you have a wedding cake baker in town who wants to help a client find a reputable limousine company. To that end, you'll want to include wedding-oriented keywords in your online materials.

It's not good form to stuff too many keywords into a single web page or blog post. Search engines pay attention to the keyword density to help them find the most relevant answers for information seekers. Black hat marketers might resort to including dozens of keywords on a page and then make the font the same color as the page's background. That's a tactic designed to trick search engines into thinking a page offers more useful information than it really does.

Part of your limo marketing should include giving every page on your website a unique name. A sign of lazy web design is a page called "untitled" or one that repeats the name of your business with no other details. Instead, include terms such as (limousine company) Services or "About (name of company)." Your pages may wind up being linked on Google according to these names, so make them count.

Aside from keywords, don't underestimate the value of links. Google will examine your limo company's website and count the number of links to other useful sites. The more organic links you make with high ranking, authoritative sites, the better you will appear as a valuable resource for Internet searchers. Employ useful terms when you link to these pages (for example, when you link to an automobile manufacturer as you provide details on the state of your fleet).

Social networking is also essential. As with web pages and blog posts, give each social media update a useful, informative title in order to show Google and other search engines the value of linking you higher when people search for those terms.

Don't ignore the way you showcase your graphics. People with visual impairments may be using a device that reads web pages and other online material to them. If you provide descriptive details about each image, not only will blind people be able to know what you're talking about, search engines will have a better idea of where to place you in the results.


At DriveProfit, the senior members of our marketing team each have more than 20 years of experience working with limo firms to help them get noticed in an increasingly cluttered marketplace. For details on steps you can take to vastly improve your company's standings in the search engines or to begin work on a new marketing and branding effort, please contact the professionals at DriveProfit today at 203.426.7780 or email us at


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Posted on Jun 23 2015

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You Can Improve Your Limousine Company's Search Engine Ranking



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