Your Limousine Company Doesn't Need to Compete Just on Prices

How are you differentiating your limousine company from the local competition? Many owners, operators and managers will showcase pricing in their limousine marketing, which is a reasonable proposition if your target demographics are sensitive to costs already.

Your limo company may be competing more on price than other aspects of the business, even if you don't make a point of touting the costs of your services, according to a recent article at Duct Tape Marketing. This will happen if potential customers are unaware of your limousine marketing and branding. In other words, people who have done no research or have little experience with a particular type of service will likely focus on price to help them make their initial comparisons.

Keep Tabs on the Competition

You cannot differentiate your chauffeured transportation services company from competitors without knowing the details of their marketing materials.  You should determine who the top competitors are in your service area.

Examine the information they provide in their website's About Us pages. Duct Tape Marketing recommends copying the information from your five biggest competitors into a single document and removing the names of the companies so you can focus on the message. Then print out the content of your own About Us page.

Pore over all the material and track the themes you find in common. Next, distribute copies of these documents to senior members of your staff and ask them to see who can distinguish your firm from the competitors and if they can figure which competitor is which as well. If your employees can't tell the difference, it's a good sign that potential customers won't be able to distinguish you from competitors either (except by price).

Continue to do research into your competition. Assign a member of your team if you cannot commit the time to do this on a regular basis. See what the competitors are talking about in their social media channels. Sign up for their complimentary newsletters to see how they position themselves.

You should also examine competitors' websites for the keywords they use and compare them with your own limo company's keywords. Check their blogs and social media and compare their keyword usage rates to your own social media efforts.

Keep Listening

What do your customers have to say about your limousine company? If you're fortunate enough to see online praise in the form of reviews and testimonials, focus on these first. But to get better insight into your customers, contact your most loyal riders and ask for a few minutes of their time to interview them (in person or over the phone).

You will want to find out the answers to such questions as why they selected your firm, why they continue to do business with you, and what you offer that the competition doesn't (or what do you do right that the competition gets wrong?). Also, ask them what services or types of vehicles that they wished you offered now.

At DriveProfit, each member of our senior marketing team has more than 20 years of experience helping the owners of ground transportation services businesses with attention-grabbing limo marketing campaigns. For more information on how you can compete more effectively based on factors other than pricing or to set up a new branding and marketing campaign, please feel free to contact the professionally trained experts at DriveProfit today at 203.426.6787 or email us at

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Posted on May 29 2015

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Your Limousine Company Doesn't Need to Compete Just on Prices



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