You’ve got questions; we’ve got a few answers. Here is a list of the most frequently asked marketing questions we get from prospective clients and perhaps one or two you didn’t think to ask.

We suggest you use a combination of public relations, advertising, networking and a solid formalized referral process to lead potential customers to your website or physical location where you can educate them on the benefits and differences of your business.
To reach your target market you must do research. You must research the demographics and psychographics of your market. Today, this is called building your “Buyer Persona”.
Position your business differently from all the others. Base it on your strengths and communicate it to your prospects.
You have to provide useful and valuable content in various forms, so interested customers will give you their contact name and email to receive a copy of the information. Once connected, you nurture leads with additional valuable content. Once the buyer is ready to buy, you have already gotten them to know, like and trust you. The sale is then the easy part.
We suggest using Google analytics or vendor specific analytic tools to measure your marketing. It gives real time reporting on social media, inbound links, seo, keywords and Pay per click marketing campaigns. Our clients have a whole host of reports with which to monitor activity and success.