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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Why marketing automation? More importantly, why DriveProfit?

In a competitive industry like chauffeured transportation services, companies need to take advantage of every opportunity to streamline their marketing and outreach efforts. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to benefit from the latest tools. DriveProfit has the experience, insight and knowledge to help you get the best return on your limousine marketing investment through automation.

How Marketing Automation Works

If you’ve ever received an “out of the office” automated response to your email inquiry from a colleague who has gone on vacation, you already have a sense of how businesses can automate their communications with interested parties. 

Marketing automation uses specialized software that helps you eliminate much of the repetitive work involved in sending out informative messages to potential customers. 

From first contact to follow-up messages designed to further qualify your best prospects, automatic marketing processes do the heavy lifting for you. This lets you focus on delivering excellent service while the software helps you develop promising leads.

Why Your Company Needs Marketing Automation

  • Consider these eye-opening statistics:
  • For every 100 raw leads, only 4 to 7 are ready to buy
  • Sales will typically disqualify 70 percent of the leads they receive from marketing
  • 80 percent of disqualified leads go on to buy another solution within 24 months

*Sources: SiriusDecisions, MarketingSherpa, CSO Insights

Benefits of Partnering with DriveProfit

Our experts each have more than 20 years of experience helping ground transportation services firms strategically develop their marketing campaigns to set themselves apart from the competition. We are proud to use industry leader Act-On’s automation marketing tools.

When you implement DriveProfit's limousine marketing automation solution with lead nurturing, you can:

  • Move leads through the buy cycle faster by delivering the content they want, when they want it.
  • Develop an ongoing digital conversation with prospects through each phase of their buy cycle, so when they are ready to buy, they’ll be thinking of you.
  • Improve efficiency by automating email messages.
  • Maximize lead generation dollars.

You can count on DriveProfit's Lead-to-Revenue and Content Marketing Experts to stay with you for the long haul, beyond setup and implementation. As your limo marketing partners, we will dedicate ourselves to bringing your company better leads to boost your bottom line.

Please contact the professionals at DriveProfit today for more information and to receive a copy of our complimentary whitepaper Marketing Automation – A Must Have for 2015.