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Email Marketing

With one email being sent every 0.00000035 seconds, your prospects’ inboxes are becoming more and more crowded with offers, e-blasts, news flashes and more than 10 other kinds of emails. Successful email campaigns don’t simply happen - they’re achieved through a systematic and methodical approach that draws-in readers. Today, emails must be more creative, more personal and more receptive to your target audience. WHY?

  • People who buy services marketed effectively through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers.
  • 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email.
  • When asked which medium buyers would like to receive updates from, 90% preferred an email newsletter.

These eye-opening statistics (and more) illustrate that developing a comprehensive email marketing plan is an essential strategy for any successful limousine marketing initiative. When email marketing is done correctly, it will lead to a tremendous payback. For every $1 a company spends on limousine email marketing, the average return is $44.25.


  • Email Design and Production
  • Content Writing and Editing
  • Email Distribution
  • Email Program Management & Review for the Best ROI

From recommending scalable mobile email solutions to suggesting a bolder design to attract more attention, DriveProfit develops and coordinates email marketing initiatives that will improve the customer experience, increase conversion rates and boost your ROI through an effective limousine email marketing program.

Email marketing continues to be the best limousine marketing channel for nurturing leads, supporting decision-making, serving customers better, and improving your overall sales efforts. At DriveProfit, email provides a tremendous opportunity to drive new business as well as to build customer loyalty for our limousine clients.

Please contact DriveProfit today for more information on our limousine marketing programs and to receive a copy of our complimentary whitepaper:  Email Marketing As Part of an Effective Lead Nurturing Campaign.