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Online Image and Branding

DriveProfit Improves Your Online Image and Branding

The word “Brand” tends to get thrown around quite a lot these days meaning many different things to different people. At DriveProfit, we think the best definition is that the art of branding “is aligning what you want people to think about you with what people actually do think.”  And vice-versa.

Brands are not only composed of logos, graphics, colors and sounds, but rather, they integrate what your brand promises - expectations, emotions, personalities, and relationships. 

Your brand is a story. Your brand is what makes you unique.  

Your brand should convince potential buyers to choose your service, and sometimes even pay more for it than they are accustomed to. Your brand is what sets you apart from competing limousine companies and provides buyers with the security that they know what they are paying for.

Developing Your Brand the DriveProfit way:  Identify, clarify and magnify

Identify:  You can’t differentiate what you can’t define. In order to be unique, you must be crystal-clear about what you want your brand to stand for in the marketplace and what it should tell your target audience about you. Are you directing your efforts toward bargain shoppers?  Luxury buyers?  Corporate buyers with huge budgets? 

Clarify: Your brand is a story. It must be easy to remember and hard to forget. Our best advice for limousine company owners and managers is to keep the story simple: If people are confused by the message you’re putting out, it's unlikely that they'll be able to understand your story, much less tell others about you. 

Magnify:  Limousine company brands are effective when you interpret signals correctly and have systems in place to deliver on your promises. This ensures that your brand and your customers' expectations are in perfect synchronization, so that customers become more engaged and your reputation flourishes.

Just like you, we are driven by results. Building your brand’s foundation is of paramount importance to the marketing professionals at DriveProfit. All of our limousine marketing programs are – by their very nature – designed to encourage people to focus on your brand and all that it means.

Please contact DriveProfit today for more information about our limousine marketing services and to receive a copy of our complimentary whitepaper: What is Branding and How Important Is it to Your Marketing Strategy?.